Have You Been on Vacation? And Now You Are Ready for a Way-cation?
What's a way-cation?

Well if a vacation is when you leave where you are and go somewhere else, and a stay-cation is where you don't go anywhere, and procrastination is when you never get anywhere, then a way-cation is when you find a way.

Wouldn't you like to find "a way"?

A lot of us are lost in life, just doing the next thing that pops into our frame of reference.

Where's the GPS that shows us how to navigate our lives?

I remember when I was young and we didn't have the technology we have today, we used to just get in our cars and drive, to just see where we ended up - on whim you'd turn left, or right, or not at all, just get on the open road and turn the radio up and enjoy the freedom of no agenda or destination.

It's funny I drove a lot faster then than I do now.

Today I seem to focus more on why is everyone else going so fast, what emergency requires that sort of speed, where can they possibly be going, why do they have such little regard for themselves and the people around them. How can I stay out of their way, because I don't want to be like them.

I continue along at my own pace, going my way, and I say a prayer for them and the journey they are on.
Silently wishing for them to find their own way-cation.

As a life coach, I work with many clients who just need to find their way to do life, on their terms with their circumstances and unique issues. On the road of life, it's like they have stopped and asked me for directions on which way to go next.

When they share their desired destination, I'm happy to point them down the road.

I love it when our paths cross and I get to walk with them for a while on their journey. 

As they move on, I generally remind them to stop and smell the roses on their way-cation.

By the way - if you need a way-cation, let's have a conversation. In just 20 minutes we can work on a plan for you to move forward in the direction of your dreams! It's a welcome pitstop for many a weary traveler.


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