It's almost Mother's Day 2020
I don't know about you but I love mother's day, not just because I am a mother, but because I have fond memories of trying to make this day special for my mother while I was growing up (and beyond of course)!  I remember one year I bought my mom a dove for a mother's day gift - I thought she would love it (I'm not so sure she did!).

Then there are all those wonderful memories of Mother's Days when my kids have done something special for me - like making me breakfast in bed! Mostly they seem to get me a sweet card and work extra hard to let me know how much I mean to them - which is a pretty nice way to make up for giving birth to them and raising them into the fine young adults they are today!  (Yes, I am super proud of all my "kiddos" in case you can't tell!)

This Mother's day I have already had some Cozy OolaTea shipped to my mom's (yep, I am blessed with a multitude of them) - and I plan to spend the day with the ones who are currently home from college - and the evening teaching a new essential oils class on one of my favorite oils.  The class is called FRANK - Discover the Truth (about Frankincense) - and it's FREE!  If you don't have anything special going on at 8pm CST on Sunday, May 10th I hope you'll join me!  Learn more here.


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