What is the difference between Life Coaching and Counseling?
I get asked this question often, as it is somewhat confusing to understand the distinction between the two roles of life coach versus counselor. 

As an Oola life coach, my answer might be a bit biased towards my style of "helping professional". 

I was attracted to the Oola Life Style because I love the message that each person is uniquely designed with gifts they should share with the world. I believe that within each of us is dream that we feel lead to follow so that we can achieve our maximum potential. When we are out of balance in the key areas of life we lose the ability to grow and go after these desires; thus the need for supportive, encouraging accountability practices and partnerships becomes a worthwhile endeavor.

I work with my clients for an agreed upon time period, working specifically on a set of goals or changed behaviors that are expected to be achieved. There is no guarantee of the transformation that will occur, other than the fact that if no different actions occur in the clients life nothing is likely to change.

A Counseling Today article (see here) makes this distinction: "Coaching advocates say they provide a distinct service that helps clients work on their goals for the future and create a new life path. They say counselors spend more time examining the past, looking for solutions to emotional concerns and seeking a diagnosis required by insurance companies".

Mental health is something that I take extremely seriously; if there are significant indicators of depression, abuse, addiction or suicidal warning-signs, I immediately refer clients to a therapist for psychological problem evaluation, as a best practice in order to best benefit the client and their family. 

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