Meet Tina Gering

I believe that inside each heart there is a passionate dream. That we are born to discover our purpose and live THIS life to the fullest extent possible.
 I found out about Oola over 5 years ago; read the Oola for Women book and have been following the Simple Steps of Oola to live my OolaLife.I started teaching classes about Oola to my Young Living Team and then in 2019 when I heard that the Oola Guys created a Certified Life Coaching Program - I immediately signed up and have been immersed in everything Oola ever since. I am excited to share with others about the OolaLife Journey.

I've always had a desire to help people reach their full potential. As an entrepreneur, who has started many business ventures, an educator, and a lifetime learner, I have celebrated many achievements and survived many life experiences. I am an Army veteran, career-military spouse, mother to 9 amazing adult children, and business professional. After my 25 year marriage ended in divorce, I not only survived, I have thrived; celebrating good health/wellness, financial stability, remarriage to a wonderful Christian man committed to the work needed to keep a marriage alive forever, and so much more. I am an Oklahoma real estate agent and own several rental properties. Truly, I believe life is the grand adventure it should be, and while it's not without its challenges, I wake up every morning feeling extremely blessed by my creator. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to encourage others to live the life of their dreams

Success Stories

GROW Coaching 
A 5 session online class offered in Oct-Nov for YL GOS Team members, helped to grow YL business significantly. 

Certified Oola Life 
Coach Certified as one of the first Oola Life Coaches in October 2019.

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