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We all have dreams of what we want to accomplish.

What stops us?

Work, family, financial pressures, and the hectic pace of our daily life get in the way. 
If you've forgotten what it's like to dream BIG, and passionately pursue what you want to do...

Find Life Balance

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Oola has a proven formula for getting on track with your goals, find balance in an unbalanced world, and follow your OolaLife.

Now available in the Oklahoma City Metro area, Edmond, Midwest City, and Shawnee, Oklahoma - Certified Oola Life Coach, Tina Gering, offers classes, presentations, group sessions and one on one life coaching sessions.

What Others are Saying about Oola

"It was interesting and left me hungry to learn more outside of class."


"I have really enjoyed and positivity in learning Oola Principles."


"This class gave me a new perspective on life balance and habits for good change."


"Oola helped me to identify the areas of my life that I need to explore to live my best and balanced life and the blockers that are keeping me from excelling in those areas. I will continue to assess where my focus is and where it might need to shift."

Alicia on Oola Class With Tina

"Oola offers a balanced way to integrate all Gods gifts in a purposeful and meaningful life. When certain aspects of life are out of kilter, we can get discouraged or overwhelmed.  Oola encourages us to set small goals to get back in balance and closer to God and the life he desires for us."

Linda About Learning Oola (for Christians)

How can you benefit from Oola Coaching?


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