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NOTE: Zoom only active Tuesday 7am-8am and Thursday 8pm-9pm
Office Hours
OO Life Academy members can get support during weekly office hours via zoom. The meeting is live during the posted times and you can drop in and get the help you need using the button above.
Office Hours are streamed live on YouTube and going the Zoom provides permission to broadcast, if you need private support please email or book a 1:1 session.

Further Information
1. Need to have a quick question answered? Can't find something on the Empowering Champions or OO Life Academy page?
Need technical assistance or other support? Office Hours is a quick way to get answers!!

2. During Office Hours when Coach Tina doesn't have anyone on the Zoom, she will be creating video clips for upcoming content on the website. If you pop on and see her sharing it might take a moment for her to complete the segment before she asks you to unmute and join the conversation.

3. Please keep topics to Life Coaching subjects or related in some way to learning, growing or sharing your greatness.

Log of previous office hour videos:
Jan 4th - Setting up the Office Hours Page -

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