Want to know more about Martha's Home Business Revolution?
March 15, 2021 - Martha Fix My Business Video Podcast
What a blessing to get a 1:1 from Superstar Martha Krejci
Coach Tina gets advice from her mentor:

Such a GREAT Opportunity!
Coaches need coaches! Today Coach Tina spent 20 minutes with Business Strategist Martha Krejci on her podcast Martha Fix My Business.

Martha is an amazing mentor who's mission in life is to help other stay at home moms make over $10,000/month. I've been in her Home Business Revolution (HBR) program  since November 2019 (it's a life time community)
 with a TON of support and materials to help you succeed in your online business.
As you'll see in the video - she has amazing content and I highly recommend her stuff!

If you have questions about what it is like to work with Martha, contact me using the button below, email me at hello@tinagering.com, or message me directly on Facebook!

Here is the timeline from today's video:

Q. Tell us what you do? 1:20
Q. What is the point point right now? 1:58
Q. Who do you work with? 4:00
Q. Who is your ideal client? 5:35
Q. What did you say to your ideal client that made her have to work with you? 8:20

Link to the tool Martha Mentions for helping track how you support your clients: http://marthaekrejci.com/tool

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