Great Games: Bingo

G1 -Write in your gratitude journal

If you don't have a gratitude journal you need to start one today.

Any notebook you have works or create a document to update on your phone. If you like having it be a physical item, something as simple as a composition book usually costs less than a dollar or you can do a simple three ring notebook. If you have a journal that is bound that is great too. Inside, write the things that you're grateful for.

G2 - Watch a grateful abundance video

Thinking abundantly is a great skill to cultivate.

I share a daily post on facebook related to the practice I follow to keep me focused on being grateful for all that I already have in my life. 

Here are links to a few of them for you to check out:

G3 - Tell Someone You Are Grateful for Them

I hope you have special people in your life that you are grateful for.

Maybe you are in a season right now where this isn't possible, but I hope that you are able to thank someone special in your life (even if they are only part of your past).

This is a great exercise and if needed you can thank the people that are destined to be in your future!

G4 - Practice Heart-Breathing

Heart meditations are so powerful, and so is breathing with a focus on your heart space. Try this - it's really amazing!!

G5 - Watch the Tony Robbins priming video

This is one of my favorite morning practices.

Tony Robbins leads the program for about 15 minutes. 

It's something you should do as often as you can.

R1 - Create a Morning Menu of Positive Actions

Make a list of the things you would prefer to do each morning. Add how much time you think you would spend on each one.

Depending on how much time you have in the morning (this can vary from day to day) select the items from your list that you can do that day.

Consider marking your morning routine complete when your time limit is reach versus what you accomplished during that time.

R2 - Write yourself a note that you will NOT quit

Self care is so important. Love yourself enough to support your own growth. Write a love letter to you.

R3 - Take 10 Minutes Today to Meditate on a Problem You Have

Do you meditate?

Even if taking 5-20 minutes to clear your mind today is a foreign concept to you, do it anyway!

Here is a link a meditation I have recorded that might be one you'd enjoy:

R4 - Share with a friend and listen to their perspective

We all need friends! Those who have them are blessed!

Find someone you care about and try this exercise with them. 

Please keep an open mind.

R5 Ask someone for help

This is hard for a lot of people. I hope you aren't one of them because once you learn this skill, it's a game changer!
This is one of my favorite morning practices.

Tony Robbins leads the program for about 15 minutes. 

It's something you should do as often as you can.

E1 - Do a workout video.

Got a work out video? Do it.

E2 - Hold your Power pose for 2 minutes

Who is your favorite superhero?

Wonderwoman? Superman? 

They usually strike a power pose. You can too - see how it makes you feel!

E3 - (Free) FREE Space (call for your 20 min Discovery Call)

Need to talk?

A 20 minute Discovery Call with Coach Tina is a great way to discuss what is going on in your life.

E4 - Focus on 1-2 affirmations that change your mood

"I AM" statements are key to keeping your focus on the "new" you that you'll pursue! As you say these statements each day imagine that they have already come true!

E5 - Dance or sing for 5 minutes

"Baby, dance with me
Come on and dance with me"

Move your body and enjoy just letting the spirit dance through you.

A1 - Have 20 seconds of courage

Be Brave and Bold. You can do it! I believe in you!

A2 - Call out your fear

Yo, Fear! 

I see you. I feel you. I know you are there.

Fear is scared too, what if you comforted your pain instead?

A3 - Determine which of the blockers are holding you back

Blockers hold you back. 

Learn how to identify the ones you use the most and overcome what is keeping you from living the life of your dreams.

A4 - Celebrate all the victories you have today

We must reward ourselves often for the things we are doing, self-praise is so important! Even the smallest of achievements needs to be cheered for.

A5 - Post one of your important goals where you will see it everyday

Making visual reminders of your dreams and surrounding yourself with the constant reminder of what you hope to accomplish will remind you of the things you need to focus on.

T1 - Establish your morning routine

You need to set up a daily routine that you will commit to.

T2 - limit your time doing unimportant tasks

You only have so much time each day, you need to manage it wisely.

T3 - Block Out Time

Many people struggle with getting things done and they often blame not having enough time as the culprit. 

Guess what? 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it's how you allocate your time that makes the difference.  
Scoring a Bingo? How does it work?
Great Games was designed as a bingo alternative to share information on my favorite life coaching tips and techniques.

Each spot on the bingo sheet is an activity you can do.

Once you have watched the related video and have done the activity, submit a "ticket" to show you have completed the task.

Print out your bingo sheet and highlight the squares you have completed.

Each day in the empowering champions group a Great Games # gets posted - mark those spots with an X. (Hint: if you haven't done that activity yet, do it soon).

If you get a G-R-E-A-T Bingo (across, up/down, or diagonal) with spots you have BOTH highlighted and marked with an X - submit your win to and your submission will be checked with your tickets to verify your accomplishment.
You'll be contacted with the prize you have won!

Keep playing for a total black out (all the squares) for even bigger rewards.

Most importantly - have fun!!

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