Caring for Your Garden of Greatness
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Caring for Your Garden of Greatness
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2. This is an Encouraging Space

This is a safe, encouraging space and we want you to feel comfortable right away! 
Posting a photo or going live to introduce yourself is a great way to share and let our members get to know you.
If you aren't wanting to do this now, do it once you feel comfortable or consider having Coach Tina create a short video introduction for you.

3. No one likes to be Lost!

There are lots of places in the Facebook Group that are designed to support you, but if you don't know how to get to them, they aren't very useful.
Make sure you have your settings set correctly to make sure you are getting notifications when things are posted in the group so you don't miss any important information or opportunities to support another champion.

We also put important items into the appropriate guide using the Guide Tab. Here is a quick video to explain this.

4. We are on a Mission

Our tribe mission is 

Our rally cry is

The points that make our tribe special are shown on the tribe manifesto.

Print them out by going to the files section and selection one or all of them to print or download (for screen saver or other reminder).

5.Your Greatness Journey

Learning, Growing, and Sharing your greatness is a process; a transformational journey to living the life of your dreams. Everyone is at a different point in the journey and all are welcome in the group. Your success might be just the thing needed to help another member who needs inspiration.  If you are wondering about where you are on the journey, complete this checklist to determine your current location.

6.Live Your Best Life

I highly recommend following the Oola lifestyle framework, where you find balance and grow in the 7 key areas of life: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends and Fun. As a certified Oola Life Coach I am happy to share with you everything I have done to change my life from "good" to "GREAT".
Find out more here.

7. You Deserve Great Things

We offer a variety of resources that can support your growth and development. A list of all the offerings is here.

8. Just a Phone Call Away

These days a phone call can be done over the internet so no limits to who we can help (only maybe when, as we try to determine times that work for our different time zones). Get your 1st Discovery Call for FREE by scheduling today.

9. You Need a Friend

Reach out to others in the group that share similar interests or struggles, or tag posts when you know the information will be useful to others. Invite your existing friends or make new ones by engaging in the posts and participating in the online activities. You matter and we are dedicated to making sure you feel connected with like minded souls!


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