Love Discounts?
Take advantage of majorly discounted offerings and coaching packages as we start out our holiday season.  

(Prices good through Nov. 30th) 
Special Offerings

#1 - The $1.00 Life Coaching App 30 day Trial 

Looking for an App to help keep you accountable?  For Champions Weekend, the My Oola Global App is available for just $1 (Normally there is a $77 registration fee). If you choice to continue with the app (no obligation) the monthly fee is $47/mo - this offer must be ordered directly from Coach Tina (requires backoffice modification) and must be communicated by Direct Message using email, text or FB messenger no later than 11:59pm Central on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022  (use or 405-584-5888).

#2 - The $2.00 "Obstacle Course"

Stuff getting in your way? Get Over the Obstacles in Your Way Course by Coach Tina is normally $17, but is available through 11/30 for only $2.00. This 3 module, less than 1 hour course is perfect for anyone who feels stuck and unproductive and wants to learn how to overcome what is holding them back.

#3 - The $3.00 Year End "Vision for 2023" Workshop

What's your plan for 2023? Is it written down and actionable? Do you know what to do to make the items on your list actually happen? Join Coach Tina for a 3 day workshop that will have you starting 2023 with a firm plan in place and clarity on how to accomplish your goals and fulfill your purpose in life. Event will occur on Tues. Dec. 27th through Thurs. Dec. 29th at 8am Central and 7pm Central. This is a GREAT value!
Sign up here:
# 4 - SOW GREAT: Caring for Your Garden of Greatness Online Course

This is an amazing signature course offered by Coach Tina designed to:
 - Help you discover your true nature
- Satisfy your search for fulfillment

Where ever you are in your journey to learn, grow and/or share your greatness, this course is for you.

Normally this course is offered at $497, for Black Friday get lifetime access for only $23. 
Course includes your choice of 3 sessions on Thursdays in December through January (replays available) and includes regularly posted office hours for Q&A.

Use the Code Mini22 to apply the discount - available only through November 30th.

Seriously, everything above could be purchased for less than $30 - what a steal!

# 5 - 50% off Coaching Packages

Get personal 1:1 time with Coach Tina at 50% off.

Schedule a discovery call with Coach Tina to discuss which package is right for you. These special packages will be honored for calls booked before Nov. 30th regardless of when we start meeting for the 1:1 sessions.

Bonus - Hear the story of the Cool Thing that Happened to Coach Tina this Season - 

Let's make 2023 Your Greatest Year Yet!!!!

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