Champions Voyage with Coach Tina
90 Days October 2023-December 2023

  • Champions Voyage Formula for Success
    •Define the Goals you WANT to accomplish over the next year
    •Create STRATEGIES to make sure you succeed
    Implement and TAKE ACTION so that you make progress
    •Have the BREAKTHROUGH you have been wanting
    •Get the Accountability and Support you need


Thank you for reserving your spot in the Champions Voyage Formula for Success Program!

There are two options to choose from:

$197 - 3 months paid with monthly reoccurring payments of $66
$97 - 3 months paid in full

Both include: 
- Monthly Masterclasses (Oct/Nov) with VIP Access (includes Weekend Workshop 10/14 & 11/4)
- Office Hours 2nd and 4th weeks of month on Tuesday morning and Thursday evenings*
-  3rd week check in sessions (10-15 min 1:1 or attend the Monday group session Oct/Nov/Dec)
-  90 Day Planning Sessions (1) on 12/16
- Celebration Summits (1) on 10/28
- End of the Year offerings to plan for 2024 (12/5-7 & 12/29-30)
- Ticket to the Greatness Show 9/7

Special Pricing offered only to those who purchase program no later than October 16 at 12am Eastern. 

This is a 90 Day program and you will be responsible for paying for the entire 3 months regardless of whether or not you decide to attend all of the sessions. Results can not be guaranteed for this program but please rest assured that I will work with you to the best of my ability to assist you in achieving your goal(s).

If you would like to discuss your options first - just reserve your spot with $7 fee and schedule your intake session. 

This information will also be sent to your email, if you don't receive the email or have questions, please contact

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Coach Tina started her coaching practice in 2019 after using the Oola Lifestyle Framework completely changed her life.
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Coach Tina

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