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Thank you for signing up for this Champions Challenge!


3 Day Challenge on How to Make Progress 
& Produce Desired Results
Please follow these simple steps so that you are ready when the 3 Day Experience begins:

Step 1 - Mark your calendar to participate daily from September 7th - 9th.  

The activities for this event are anticipated to take about 1.5-2.0 hours over the course of the week. Each video will be roughly 20-30 mins long. You can view the LIVE Sessions or watch the replays that will be available all week in the Empowering Champions Community.

LIVEs are scheduled for the following times:

Wednesday 9/7 -6am PT / 7am MT / 8am CT / 9am ET
Thursday 9/8 - 6am PT / 7am MT / 8am CT / 9am ET
Friday 9/9 - 6am PT / 7am MT / 8am CT / 9am ET

The recordings of this event will be streamed into the Empowering Champions group at the times posted above. 
Viewing the recordings in the group is FREE.

Recordings of the LIVEs will be posted to the challenge information page for paid participants or OO Life Academy members. (Provided by email for those who click the button below)

Step 2 - Please make sure you have marked as a contact in your email service.
And, if you have any questions during the challenge please use that email to send us a message.

We will use email and FB messenger to communicate regarding the activities.

There are also events posted for each day (in Facebook), if you select the going button on each day you will get a reminder notification when the event goes live.


The Zoom link is for VIP members only and will be sent directly via email prior to the scheduled VIP events. 

If you haven't joined the Empowering Champions Facebook Group yet, head there now!!


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