Chaim Bentorah

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Author Interview Highlights:

2:20 Interview Starts
4:10 Chaim's background
9:00 Story about Job's Daughter
10:24 VAV - a marketing decision
13:33 Meeting with a rabbi
16:22 Fermented grape juice
17:07 Song of Solomon
19:00 Stripping the bark from the tree
20:58 Rob McQuinn Poem
23:40 Marriage relationship
(to be continued)

A few years ago I was looking for a book to give one of our son's for Christmas. He had mentioned he was thinking of learning Hebrew, so I wanted to find a study book for him. 

I found a book by Chaim Bentorah called Revealing the Heart of God

It was one of those books that when it arrived, I glanced through it and said to myself I wish I had time to read this before I wrapped it up. 

Always a last minute kind of gal, that wasn't the case, so off it went under the Christmas tree. Joe was excited about it and took it to his house - a few months later I asked him if he was done with it so that I could maybe "borrow" it back for a bit. He had recently moved and said he hadn't been able to find it. 

When I asked him again a few months after that - it still hadn't turned up so I ordered a 2nd copy for me. This time I read it one chapter at a time to my husband - 3 or 4 times each week (it was painful for me to read a book that slowly), but we both enjoyed the studies so much I couldn't read ahead. 

When we finally finished I ordered another 1 on Kindle, and another one that was a hard copy. I just couldn't seem to read enough of his work. I was so excited to learn he did a daily study that he emails out, and we use that one for our "daily" reading still. 

I loaned our copy of the 1st book out to a friend and she returned it just the other day, so it was sitting out on my coffee table one morning while I was thinking about my upcoming challenge called Follow Your Heart. I had the idea that having Chaim as a speaker to interview would be such a cool experience. 

Of course I thought, that will never happen, but guess what - I asked him anyways (Thank you Tony Robbins for reminding me to take massive action to achieve our dreams) - AND he immediately said YES!!!!!

Click the graphic above to view the video of the interview. 

You will need to join the Empowering Champions group to watch the video, but I am sure you will enjoy it! 

Prior to the interview I created this related podcast based on a conversation I had that provides a bit of a sneak peak to speaking with Author Chaim Bentorah!

I highly recommend checking out Chaim's Daily Hebrew Word Study (I get it emailed to me each day). He also has a monthly membership program that I recently joined. 

If you want to gain a closer relationship with God you will really love his material.


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